Back to School:

dexter express washersThe college town of Thatcher, AZ had long been underserved by coin-op laundry services. Between the student population and contractors coming in and out of the area for construction projects, plus the Thatcher residents, area businessman Pat Rowan observed the need for a quality coin-op laundromat in town.

Built on Service:

laundromat countersRowan worked with Scott Harrington of Western State Design to build his new laundromat on the site of an old service station. With the goal of providing a clean, bright and safe coin-op laundry for students, residents and visitors, Rowan and Harrington designed a space to meet the needs of the community.

The Station Laundromat not only employs the energy saving benefits of the Dexter Express line of washers and dryers to cut back utilities and the time it takes a customer to complete wash and dry cycles, but Rowan also installed Dexter’s EasyCard™  payment system, which provides a coinless interface with the washers and dryers for greater control over pricing, specialties and loyalty rewards, while reducing the threat of theft. For a new generation of customers, and certainly college kids, the simplicity of EasyCard™  was a welcome convenience that draws them back each week.

Continued Growth:

With almost no advertising, The Station Laundromat’s business has grown so quickly and extensively that Rowan is now planning an expansion of the laundry. The simple recipe of success he built the business on, is leading to more opportunities. In addition to increasing the space, number of machines and services, Rowan also envisions The Station Café, which he plans to build in the old service station building, still maintained on the property. One step at a time, with the guidance of WSD and the support of his community, this local businessman is growing his investment beyond what he ever imagined.