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Western State Design has forty years of experience helping investors just like you to design, build, launch and manage their successful coin-op laundry businesses.  Contact WSD today to take the first steps to opening your new business.

Demographics Analysis

Trade industry organizations like the Coin Laundry Association (CLA) are a great start with valuable resources like their Demographic Analysis and Site Selection whitepaper. Some key demographic information to look at to determine demand for your coin-op laundry business would be renters vs. owners, population density, persons per household, average income, population mix, ethnic mix, employment profile, traffic patterns and gender. WSD and CLA can provide and help you understand a variety of demographic reports for your area.


Creating your proforma balance sheet will help you put your plans on paper and into action and is one of the first steps in your business plan. WSD can provide example proforma balance sheets and guidance in creating yours, so you can see the potential of your new business in the bottom line.

Site selection

With worldwide experience and local knowledge, WSD can help you locate the perfect property for your coin-op laundry. From pre-owned laundry sites, to storefronts for lease, and empty lots ripe for building your business, WSD knows the commercial real estate agents and properties that can help you maximize your investment while effectively targeting your market with a laundry in the right location.

Lease negotiation

Effective lease negotiation is the key to keeping your operational costs low, while ensuring the long-term success of your laundry business. WSD can provide four decades of experience in lease negotiation, and will help you focus on key factors like the types of leases available, rent escalations and other costs, key clauses, losing a major tenant, visibility, first right of refusal and roof maintenance.


As a leader in designing, developing and equipping state-of-the-art coin-op laundromats, WSD will guide you every step of the way to maximize the use of your space, while providing the necessary features needed to operate a successful laundry. From matching your space and equipment to customer needs and wants, to pre-planned cost-cutting design features, WSD’s goal is to design the most effective laundromat to meet your business’s needs.


While the initial investment in a coin-op laundromat puts most of the cost up front, the industry has a proven track record which provides the opportunity for a variety of financing options. By selecting Dexter Laundry washers and dryers for your laundromat, you have the opportunity to finance your equipment purchase through Dexter Financial, which provides financing and leasing programs for new and experienced store owners. In addition to financing equipment through Dexter, WSD can also provide assistance in identifying and obtaining additional financing opportunities, including SBA loans, home equity loans, retirement accounts and traditional bank loans.

Equipment selection

Choose the equipment that will keep your customers happy and returning, while reducing your own costs. Dexter’s Express line of washers and dryers, which cut utility costs and wash and dry times, can provide the foundation for your coin-op laundry. WSD’s experience with Dexter Laundry equipment can help you identify which machines and systems will help you maximize your success.


Spread the word! Reaching your customers through marketing begins with your service and brand, and continues to everything from signage to advertising, and loyalty programs. WSD has worked worldwide to help coin-op laundromats reach customers in diverse markets. You can also find a wealth of information through the Coin Laundry Association’s membership services.

Service training

A working machine is a machine that can make you money. Keeping your equipment in working order is key to operating a successful coin-op business. From the beginning, WSD can teach you how to maintain and service your Dexter equipment to prevent breakdowns and quickly repair them if they do happen. WSD also offers regular service training for new and old Dexter equipment throughout the year at different locations, and WSD reps are always a call away for quick responses to your needs.


Build-out, construction and permitting can be an overwhelming task your first time through. WSD’s forty years of experience can help make the process easier, while ensuring you avoid mistakes that could cost you in the long run. Zoning restrictions, required permits, realistic budgets, demolition expenses, written work schedules, architecture and more cannot be overlooked or undervalued in the process of building your successful business.

WSD Management

Some investors may not have the time or interest in managing their laundry, but are still attracted to the secure opportunity of ownership. If that’s you, let WSD manage your laundry’s day to day operation. WSD’s 40 years of experience in the coin-op laundromat industry will not only help you lay the foundation for a successful business, but they will manage the daily operations of your new investment. Contact a WSD representative today to learn how.

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